Top 7 Fall Protection Products for Metal Roofing and Construction


Earlier this month, we featured fall protection products for metal roofing and construction in our booth at Metalcon. Here are the top 7 products, in random order:

  1. Guardian #00250 Standing Seam Roof Clamp for SRL’s–A reusable temporary anchor point, this roof clamp has a pinch that mounts to standing seams and legs that adjust from 24 to 36 inches to fit seam spacing. This product fits most retractable lifelines up to 50 feet in size and allows retractable lifelines to rotate 360 degrees. More information here.
  2. Guardian #00645 CB-12 Roof Anchor–A permanent roof anchor that is great for use with retractable lifelines, vertical lifelines, rope grab units, or horizontal lifeline systems and can be installed on wood, steel or concrete substrates, including up to 20 ga. metal deck. More information here.
  3. Protecta #AJ730A Reusable Anchor–This anchor can be installed on steel decking with a minimum material thickness of 22 gauge (.030 inch) over Z-purlins with a minimum material thickness of 16 gauge (.064 inch). More information here.
  4. DBI-Sala #2100075 Roof Top Anchor–During a fall when the Roof Top Anchor is loaded, the stanchion tips over properly distributing the fall arrest forces to the base and fasteners. This specialized design provides added safety to the worker attached and distributes the forces to the structure. By limiting the forces this way, the integrity of the roof is also preserved. This anchor works on 24 gauge or thicker corrugated metal decking with ribs that are 10” to 20” apart, with a minimal amount of fasteners. More information here.
  5. Roof Zone #65004 Metal Roof Folding Warning Line System–Helps protect workers from dangerous areas around the roof. Includes 4 Stanchions and 105′ of bright yellow pennants. Each leg comes with an omni directional rubber foot that prevents contact with the metal roof’s standing seam. More information here.
  6. Bluewater Manufacturing SG Standing Seam Metal Roof Fall Protection Guardrail–This fall protection railing and base system is designed for each standing seam roof application and provides mandated worker protection for ladder egress/ingress and roof edge fall protection. The plate is fastened to the standing seams by the appropriate S-5 Clamps. More information here.
  7. Guardian #10600 Two Way Standing Seam Roof Anchor–A lightweight, reusable and easy to use clamp with a unique, reversible design that allows for seams up to 1″ wide. More information here.

For a more complete listing of our fall protection products, visit You may also be interested in our previous article about the Top 8 Metal Roofing Tools & Accessories.

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Top 8 Metal Roofing Tools and Accessories


Earlier this month, we featured metal roofing tools and accessories in our booth at Metalcon. Here are the top 8 tools for metal roofing and construction, in random order:

  1. Eternabond RoofSeal Repair Tape, Alumibond and Copperflash–Okay, so it’s not really a tool, but this stuff is used so much to repair steel, aluminum and copper surfaces we had to mention it.
  2. Everhard Hand Seamers and Seaming Tongs–Fairmont tongs, also known as forged hand seamers, are powerful and versatile additions to any tool box and can be used for HVACR, metal roofing, and many other sheet metal applications.
  3. Freund Edge Rollers, Disk Rollers and Pliers–A leading manufacturer of the world’s finest handmade tools used in the roofing, sheet metal, plumbing and carpentry industries.
  4. Malco Edge Rollers, Seaming tongs, Snips and TurboShear–For all your specialty tool needs, Malco has “Better ideas for the real world” and real work-saving opportunities for you.
  5. Van Mark Metal Folding Brakes and Trim Cutter–Featuring the IM1055 MetalMaster, the IT10 Mark IV TrimMaster, TM10 Mark II TrimMaster and 3017 TrimCutter, Van Mark offers some of the best quality, American made products in the industry.
  6. Aztec Washer Company EPDM MasterFlash–Superior value and ease of installation- The industry’s 1st UPC listed pipe flashings for plumbing, electrical and solar applications.
  7. S-5 Clamps for HVAC, Solar Panels and Snow Retention–There has never before been a dependable way to attach things to modern standing seam metal roofs without jeopardizing the integrity of the system and violating warranties. Until Now . . .
  8. Metal Plus LLC Standing Seam Metal Roofing Brackets–The worlds best standing seam metal roofing brackets and awarded “Best New Product of the Year at 2012 International Roofing Expo”

For a more complete listing of our products, visit

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Visit Big Rock Supply at METALCON in Denver


Come see us at METALCON 2014 in Denver, October 1-3! We’ll show you the assortment of tools and products we offer for metal roofing… Hand seamers, pliers, snips, metal folding brakes, utility clamps, standing seam roof brackets, flashings, metal soldering kits, power shears, standing seam coating applicators, snow retention systems, PV panel mounting, fall protection specific to metal roofing, along with personal protection items like safety glasses, hard hats, gloves, safety vests, and much more! Click here to register and get in the exhibit hall for free!

Visit our website to see Metal Roofing Tools, Soldering ToolsMetal Roofing Equipment, Metal Roof Clamps, Fall Protection and more!

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