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2014 Big Rock Supply Catalog

You should have received the 2014 Big Rock Supply catalog by now. If you need a fresh copy, request one now. Can’t wait for the mail? Browse, download and print the catalog right here, right now! If you prefer to do your shopping online, visit our online store.

Do you have our catalog? Let us know what you think! Call 800.859.4077, contact us or comment below.

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BigRockSupply.com Goes Responsive


Have you noticed a different look and feel at BigRockSupply.com when you pull up the site on your mobile phone or tablet?

Over the past couple of years we’ve noticed a big change in the way you’re getting to BigRockSupply.com – more and more often, you’re visiting us on your mobile and tablet devices instead of your laptops or desktops. Great news, but the experience on our website wasn’t ideal for these devices – until now.

Like many websites, when you viewed BigRockSupply.com on a phone or tablet, the words, links, and menus were too small, and it was a challenge to pinch, spread and scroll your way around the site. With the help of Responsive Design, a new approach to building websites, BigRockSupply.com is now easier to use on almost all devices and screen sizes.

This post you’re reading, and every other page on BigRockSupply.com, is now optimized for almost any device with access to the Internet. So whether you’re shopping from the couch on your tablet, from a jobsite on your cell phone or from the office on your computer, we’ve got you covered.

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Caulk Warmer Keeps Caulk Warm in Cold Weather


Warm caulk flows freely, and fills better, resulting in smoother joints with better adhesion and sealing. Caulk Warmer warming bags will keep caulk at 80° even when the outside temperature drops to -13°. There are several different versions of the Warmer… Some are bags and others wrap around a bucket, propane cylinder, or canister of spray foam.

The best seller is the basic Caulk Warmer 12 Tube bag. The heavy duty nylon canvas bag has a back strap with a “quick disconnect” for looping over railings, plugs into 120V AC or 12V DC inverter, requires only 50 watts of power, and has a convenient cord storage pouch on the front. There is a convenient on/off switch and the internal temperature is thermostatically controlled. The Caulk Warmer holds 12 (1 case) standard size caulk tubes, or 7 quart size tubes, or 12 sausage size tubes, or 7 cans of foam, or a case of floor tile.

Other suggested uses include temperature sensitive products such as insulating foam, windows & door sealing tape, grease cartridges, adhesives, welding rods, and more. In addition to these items, there is one other thing we recommend putting in the bag – spare gloves so when it’s really cold, you can change into ones that are nice and warm!

For more information, browse Caulk Warmers at Big Rock Supply.

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