Big Rock Supply at METALCON 2015


Come visit Big Rock Supply at the METALCON trade show in Tampa, FL Wednesday, October 14th through Friday, October 16th at the Tampa Convention Center!

METALCON is a showcase for metal building, residential and roofing contractors, architects, engineers, developers, facility manager, and building owners. METALCON is the one event that helps you pioneer new frontiers in the metals industry. It’s the only show of its kind in the world!

Big Rock Supply will be at METALCON in booth 517 showing off some of our metal roofing tools and fall protection equipment, handing out our Metal Products Catalog and free T-Shirts, and answering any questions you might have.

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On Top Safety Equipment – Mobile Fall Protection Cart & Guardrail System

The On Top Safety Equipment Mobile Fall Protection Cart and Fast Track Guardrail System covers all your fall protection needs!

On Top Safety Mobile Fall Protection and Guardrail System

On Top Safety Mobile Fall Protection and Guardrail System

The mobile fall protection cart is based around the Leading Edge Safety Tri Rex mobile fall protection cart. This streamlined frame does not have any protrusions that might create a tripping hazard. The cart also includes fork pockets so it can be easily moved and loaded without risking damage. Closed guide-loops underneath the frame are for hoisting and securing during transport to and from the jobsite. The cart also features locking front wheels and flat free tires.

This cart includes tie off for two workers for fall arrest and restraint for two. If a fall does occur the ratchet engagement arm lock automatically secures engagement to the roof surface and will not disengage during a fall or rescue.

This On Top Safety cart features a convenient storage box that includes their Fast Track Guardrail System for up to 400 linear feet of guardrail protection. This high quality and versatile system can be installed in just a couple hours and includes all parts needed.

For more information please visit Big Rock Supply – On Top Safety Cart & Guardrail System or call us at 800.859.4077. We currently have units in stock for immediate shipment!

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Rooftop Equipment Vee Manifold 2-Part Adhesive Applicator

Vee Manifold

The Rooftop Equipment Vee Manifold is the better way to apply 2-part adhesives!

Adhesive Flow is the key to a 2-part adhesive application. If the manifold becomes clogged, precious production time is lost.

With the Vee Manifold, the flow path is straight, unlike traditional manifolds that can have multiple 90* bends that make cleaning dried adhesive impossible. A drill (bit included) can quickly and easily restore flow to a clogged tube with the Vee manifold.

The Vee Manifold is also 60% lighter than other manifolds, does not require greasing, and eliminates daily start up and shut down procedures – saving time and money!

The Vee Manifold will work with your current 2-Part adhesive carts, like the OMG PaceCart 2 and the ADCO Millenium Cyclone 1.

For more information and to purchase, please visit

 YouTube Link for Rooftop Equipment Vee Manifold

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